Publications Berthold Daum

Photographic Publications


lichtbild, Melbourne, 1995


Poems and Photos, lichtbild, Melbourne, 1995

The Ghan

From Adelaide to Alice, lichtbild, Melbourne, 1996

The Indian-Pacific

From Coast to Coast, lichtbild, Melbourne, 1997

Stadt, Land, Fluss

Natur- und Stadtlandschaften digital fotografieren, 2009

The Canon Camera Hackers Manual

rocky nook, Santa Barbara, 2010
Contribution to:
The Wild Side of Photography
ed: Cyrill Harnischmacher,
rocky nook, Santa Barbara, 2010


Technical and Scientific Publications

Success with Electronic Business

Addison-Wesley, 2000

Electronic Business

(German language) Addison-Wesley, 2000

The XML Shockwave

Software AG.  2001

System Architecture with XML

Morgan-Kaufmann Publishing, 2002

Modeling Business Objects with XML Schema

Morgan-Kaufmann Publishing, 2003

Java Entwicklung mit Eclipse 2-3.3

(German language) dpunkt.verlag, 2003-2008

Eclipse 2 for Java Developers

John Wiley & Sons, 2003
Professional Eclipse 3 for Java Developers Wrox 2005
Webentwicklung mit Eclipse 3 (German language) dpunkt.verlag, 2004
Rich-Client-Entwicklung mit Eclipse 3.1-3.3 (German language) dpunkt.verlag, 2005-2008
Das Eclipse-Codebuch (German language) dpunkt.verlag, 2006
Java 6 (German language) Addison-Wesley, 2007




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